Speaktoit for Android Sees Downloads Increase 400% on Siri Announcement

Speaktoit is an app for Android which works in a similar way to what Siri does on the iPhone 4S. It essentially lets you use natural language to communicate with your Android smartphone. Since the unveiling of Siri integration on the iPhone 4S, Speaktoit has seen the number of downloads increase 400% to about 3000 per day at the moment.

Speaktoit is similar to Siri in that it lets you use natural language to talk and command your Android smartphone. What also makes it similar is that it also understands context from what we have been told.

As well as understanding natural language with context the app also lets you use that to do the following:

send emails, send texts, look up information, post to Twitter, check you in places, update your Facebook, find news, look up traffic, look up weather, call people, take notes, add things to your calendar, translate foreign languages, help you find nearby places like bars (but not without reminding you to enjoy responsibly…), and tons more.

Speaktoit goes a beyond Siri in the design sense in that you can make your own avatar for the app. This adds a more fun element to the app. If you look at Siri, you talk to an almost empty screen with a bit of text and a flashing microphone.

The team behind Speaktoit are also taking feedback and implementing changes based on that feedback. The ability to access music has been added to an update rolled out yesterday.

We’ll be keeping our eye on this app as it looks to be an excellent option for those using the Android operating system on their mobile.

Details of the app are available in the Android Market.

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