SpaceShipTwo First Flight that Includes Crew

SpaceShipTwo made it’s first flight with crew aboard recently. The ship was attached to Eve and departed from Mojave Air and Space Port for several hours so that a series of tests could be performed. SpaceShipTwo stayed attached to the mother ship for the whole flight and wasn’t released this time around.

Within the last month, four test flights were done with WhiteKnightTwo allowing pilots and crew to practice with the plane and test it.

Virgin Galactic, the company behind the development of SpaceShipTwo and private space tourism, says yesterday’s flight marked the first time SpaceShipTwo flew with a crew on board.

SpaceShipTwo has flown attached to WhiteKnightTwo three times in total. WhiteKnightTwo it’s self has flown 33 times now.

Wired reports that all went well with the flight. It isn’t clear when SpaceShipTwo will be released in to the sky alone from WhiteKnightTwo although we suspect testing of those functions will happen in the next few months in preparation for the official launch of the program next year.

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