Sony’s PSP Go Made Official – October 1st

The PSP Go has been made official and has received a price of $249 with a release date of October 1. The PSP Go is smaller then the original PSP and also has a smaller screen measuring 3.8″ (compared to 4.3″ screen of the older version). The PSP Go is aimed at those who lead a digital lifestyle.

Inside you will find 16GB of flash based storage that allows you to store games, music and downloaded TV programs that you get via Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is built in and the noticeable difference is the slide up screen which reveals the control pad underneath.

As well as having 16GB of flash memory built in you can also increase this by using an M2 memory stick. Other features include SenseMe which allows the PSP Go to analyse your music tastes and selects music for you.

So that developers take on board this new system, Sony are giving 80% off the price of the developers kit.

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