Sony XBR11, XBR12 and OLED Screens Leaked

sony-xbr11A leak shows that Sony are to launch a new range of TV’s that will probably go on display at CES in 2010 in just a few weeks time. Amongst the new TV’s is a new OLED screen that is a new model from the XEL-1 that was a 3mm thick, 11 inch OLED screen launched last year. As of now it is unknown what size of screen the new OLED TV will be. I’d expect it to be a larger screen to perhaps compete with the new 15 inch LG OLED screen.

Also a new HDTV called the Sony KDL-XBR12 series has been mentioned that uses “high range advanced LED RGB” backlighting to function allowing for blacker blacks due to being able to dim certain parts of the screen individually.

The screen pictured here is believed to be the XBR11 that appears to look sleek as the screen looks to be embedded in glass rather than the traditional black bezel’s we normally see. The KDL-XBR11 is to use what is referred to as W-LED technology with HDTVLounge guessing that means White LED.

Sizes of these range of TV’s will run fro 32 inches up to 60 inches.



  1. I think Sony will introduce a 21 inch OLED Display at CES-2009. I don´t think that Sony bring out a bigger size OLED-TV.

  2. New HD triple tuner? So you can watch the crap times three, and in HD?
    And no netflix, no hulu, no vudu? Sony, if you want to make me believe that I want this set…pay me.

  3. @Dittela: I think the HD triple tuner means that we can use the internal “tuner” to watch digital, satellite, and something else… So that means we don’t need cable boxes. (I’m not sure of the full details of it though)

    Netflix is becoming “Standard” with Sony televisions, at the very least on their high end televisions, so these new tv’s must have netflex or any internet connectivity (which I believe the blackened part is built in wireless!!!)

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