Sony Vaio TZ Shipping Soon

Vaio TZ
The Sony Vaio TZ is a nice laptop which is light, sleek but still powerful. What you will get is a Sony Vaio TZ90 which comes at a price of $2299 and has a 1.2GHz processor which is an Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 which is an ultralow voltage processor. As well as this you get the option of either a 160GB hard drive or a 32GB solid state drive. In face, you can choose to have both. Choosing the SSD would give you less space, but would increase durability and battery performance due to it being lower voltage with no moving parts inside. Also an integrated DVD burner is included in the tiny package. The screen size is just 11.1 inches which is illuminated with LED backlights. Looking at the size of the screen you can immediately tell that this laptop is very mobile and allows for easy carrying around. It weighs just 2.3 pounds.

Sony do create some seriously nice laptops although the prices do reflect that and they do command quite a high price for them. If you have the money and want some good style then the Vaio TZ is a good option. Right now it is only available in Japan though. We do hope to see it this side of the world in the next few months, but I do not have any details on that happening yet.

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