Sony VAIO TZ Notebooks – Leaked Photos

Sony are launching some new 11.1 inch laptops named the Sony VAIO TZ. Two of these notebooks have been created which are the TZ11MN/N and TZ11XN/B. Both notebooks look great with one boasting a silver lid. Other differences are the amounts of memory, disk and processor. I have to say that both of these notebooks do look rather nice although I can imagine the price tag would be rather nice too 😉

* 2.62lbs of weight
* Integrated optical drive
* Unique rounded hinge design
* LED backlight screen
* 1.06GHz Core 2 Duo processor
* Built-in Motion Eye camera

For a full run down of the specs of each machine check out the link below. I think you will find them impressive as well as the sleek design that you have seen here. This is one notebook on my wish list.

Via: Notebookreview

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