Sony VAIO X Series 11 Inch Netbook

sony-vaio-x-seriesOver at IFA in Berlin, Sony have announced the new VAIO X series netbook. The Sony Vaio X has an 11 inch screen and is very thin. The casing is made from carbon fibre that houses an aluminium keyboard. As the Vaio X uses lightweight materials it also is very light at just 700 grams.

Right now the display model uses an Intel Atom processor and the machine runs Windows 7 with 2GB of ram and a 31Wh battery. However, Sony have also said that the Atom processor is just one of the options and could be changed in the near future when production models are made (or when more options are made available). The details are being kept very secret at the moment. Interestingly enough, the netbook should launch at the end of the month and cost a usual Sony premium price tag of $2000.

All we can really go by at the moment is that it will run Windows 7 and will be made of carbon fibre with the aluminium keyboard as well as looking great. Official innard details should be revealed soon.


Via: Zath and Engadget


  1. vikas pandey says

    plz send all detail of this notebook

  2. Vaibhav - Programming Kid says

    It would be crazy to buy a $2000 NetBook!!!! I’d get Dell Adamo Instead

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