Sony Vaio G Laptop – A Winner

Sony Vaio G
Sony have been in the laptop market for years producing ultraportable and very slim devices. The VAIO G model is no exception. What stands out first is the weight of the laptop. It is just 1.98 pounds. To get this weight so low it is built out of carbon fibre and has a small form factor, is very sleek and looks the business. The laptop as mentioned above is ultra portable which has a 12.1 inch screen. The small screen does not sacrifice too much resolution though and it can still display an acceptable 1024 x 768 which is still a very popular screen resolution and very common among 15 – 17 inch monitors.

The processor comes in 2 types. First is an Intel Core Solo U1300 running at 1.06GHz and the second option is a U1400 running at 1.2GHz. Memory can be increased up to 1.5GB which is DDR2 type memory. The harddisk can store 80GB of data and there is a built in DVD burner. This size of laptop is aimed at the frequent traveller who wants power, but small size to carry around. The VAIO G does just what it should. Communications comes through 802.11a/b/g wireless and for security there is a built in biometroc fingerprint reader.

Via: TechEBlog

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