Sony Vaio J All-in-One Computer Announced

Sony has announced the new Sony Vaio J all-in-one PC. The Sony Vaio J has an impressive 21.5 inch screen that is capable of showing a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Powering the Vaio J is an Intel Core i7 CPU. 8GB of RAM is also included.

Other features of the Vaio J all-in-one PC include a Blu-ray disc and a multi-touch enabled screen.

“The J Series changes the way consumers interact with their PC enabling them to tap, drag, zoom, rotate and engage with their content and entertainment like never before,” said Mike Lucas, senior vice president of the VAIO business at Sony. “And with its attractive price point, this cutting-edge technology will reach a whole new audience.”

We recently tested the Sony Vaio L all-in-one PC and were left impressed with how it functioned. Although it had a few niggles (more based around the Windows 7 OS), we still enjoyed using the Vaio L. Lets hope that the Vaio J all-in-one PC manages to do just as well or potentially better. The full Vaio L review will be online shortly.

For connectivity the Vaio J has wireless that can connect to 802.11b/g and n networks. A webcam is built in allowing Skype video calls to be made. With it having a touchscreen it makes it handy for quickly tapping icons on the screen.

We know it has an Intel Core i7 CPU and 8GB of RAM. As for video, it has an optional NVIDIA GeForce graphics card (exact model not specified). Each of the three main features (ie CPU, RAM and Graphics) are optional and can be swapped with different models depending on your needs.

When launched the Vaio J will start at a reasonably priced $900 in the US.


  1. Mark Smith says

    This was announced a week ago already. The All In One PC that will change the views of many people about computers.

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