Sony Tablet S Teardown

The Sony Tablet S is a new device that aims to tackle the iPad. It has a unique form factor and runs the Android operating system. Technical specs show that it has a dual-core processor, 16GB or 32GB of storage, 1GB RAM along with a couple of cameras and wireless connectivity. TechRepublic decided to take it apart to see what makes it run.

One of the unique features of the Tablet S is the wedge shape design. This isn’t just a crazy idea but actually quite a smart idea. The reason for it is that Sony wanted to make the tablet feel like a book to hold. The wedge shape also tilts the screen a little when on a desk which makes it easier to see in when under direct light.

The teardown revealed that the case is easy to open and simply fastened by a couple of screws. The tablet has an internal frame made of plastic which makes the tablet more rigid but also makes it harder to repair. It has a replaceable battery (5,000 mAh Li-ion) although the screen and digitizer are glued together which will make it harder to replace either of those parts.

An interesting observation is that the Tablet S has a place for a 3G card. Although space is available, Sony hasn’t used it on the WiFi only device.

A full teardown with pictures can be found over here.

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