Sony Reader eBook App to Launch on iOS and Android

Sony has announced that it will be launching a couple of new reader apps. One is being built for Android OS based smartphones and the other is being built for iOS based devices. Each version of the app will be launching next month in time for Christmas.

It appears that the apps will work in a similar way to how the Kindle app works on these devices in that once you purchase books from the Sony Reader store, you’ll be able to download them to the app on the devices that run it.

Bookmarks can be kept (and we assume synced) across devices although at the moment there isn’t much information available on the Sony site other than a message saying that the apps are launching in December. If we find out more soon, we’ll let you know, but right now assume that the apps will bring most of the functionality of the Sony Reader to the smartphone.

Via: EuroDroid and Sony

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