Sony pushing Fuel Cells

fuel-cell-chargerAt Cell Expo 2009 held in Tokyo, Sony were pushing some cool fuel-cell powered gadgets. A few were to be seen which included a fuel cell powered speaker and a fuel cell powered charger.

fuel-cell-mini-chargersThe Fuel-cell speaker that can be seen below is capable of being powered for months at a time on a single store of ethanol. The silver things to the left are mobile phone chargers that allow you to carry them around for an emergency and charge your phone whenever needed. The blue thing up above is another charger that allow you to connect anything USB powered to it to keep it charging or powered.

Although fuel cells seem to be scary, hopefully these new products from Sony could make way in to the market although safety would be a big concern that needs to be addressed. Maybe they are safe, but I think proof of safety is needed first.

One last technology that Sony were pushing is a sugar powered battery that uses any sweet soft drink to create energy. Cool stuff!


Via: GearCrave

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