Sony PSP V2

Sony PSP
The Sony PSP was launched over 2 years ago and rumours are now circulating that a redesign could be due. The PS1 and PS2 have both been through dramatic redesigns slicing all the excess off the larger versions and making them a whole lot smaller. I do not think there is too much more that could be cut down on the Sony PSP as it boasts a seriously nice sized screen which would be a shame to make smaller, however, it could be made a tad thinner. I am sure the design team at Sony will do something good with the PSP. Some PSP users are requesting a second analogue stick.

Features I would like to see in the new version is a thinner form, same sized screen, memory based rather then UMB based, dual analog controllers, analogue buttons like the PS2 and PS3 control pad and maybe a rumble option 🙂 Of course features such as wifi should stay, with the possibility of Bluetooth and GPS. We can dream though, although it’s all technically feasable with the advancements in technology.

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