Sony PSP Keyboard – Homebrew Style

Sony PSP Keyboard
Since the launch of the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) the homebrew world have been doing all sorts to hack in to this amazing device and they are doing a good job too… so much so that Sony keeps having to release the latest and greatest firmware to close up security holes only to find out that shortly after, there is another security hole to exploit. Madruscoe has managed to create a homebrew app which allows you to create .txt files on your memory stick by using the Palm(One) Universal Wireless Keyboard. The keyboard costs 50 – 60 dollars on Amazon and currently is the only compatible keyboard that this homebrew application.

The application allows each note (.txt file) to be 4Kb and the amount of files you can store is just limited by how many of them you can cram on to your memory stick. The video below goes in to more details about this and is well worth watching.

Via: PSPUpdates

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