Sony PSP Go Downloads to start at €1

sony_psp_go_download_gamesThe Sony PSP Go is Sony’s latest handheld to the market. It’s basically a new PSP but for some reason, seems to lack the hardware to make you go wow. Anyway, to cheer things up a little it appears that Sony will be pricing games on the PSN (PlayStation Network) starting at just ‚¬1 with a jump to ‚¬2 and finally ‚¬5 each.

This move brings the pricing in to the Apple App store price range and interestingly enough, Sony have been actively trying to get iPhone developers moving their games over to the PSP Go platform.

Pocket Gamer says…

‘Obviously some rework is required due to different screen size 480 x 272 versus 480 x 320 not to mention transposing touch controls to joypad, D-pad and buttons but the bulk of game logic and artwork is likely to remain the same.

Sony seem to be after the more casual gamer who is willing to pay just a few dollars for a game here and there. The difficult part of all this process is the strict quality control that Sony will be doing on the games being launched which may or may not put developers off a little. Via: SlashGear


  1. Jon Mobile says

    Not sure about that one, where’s the controls? I predict a flop.

  2. The controls slide down from underneath the device (a bit like some slider phones).

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