Sony PS3 Bug Fixed

We are now hearing that the Sony PlayStation 3 bug is fixed. Reports are coming in saying that users of the older chunky console can actually now connect without experiencing the errors that were listed earlier.

The PS3 bug was related to the internal clock that effected the older consoles for about the last 24 hours and now that it is fixed, users can log on to the PSN as normal as well as play all games. Trophies are also reported to be re-synced to PS3’s successfully.

At the moment it is unknown if any damage was caused with the bug, but the next few hours we should hear more on this and what effect it had.

Sony, as of yet, have not made an official announcement saying if the bug has been fixed, but it does seem that it is safe to use PS3’s once again.

Via: Joystiq


  1. awesome! I went to check cause my mw2 trophies had disappeared and clock was all screwy, singed in right away and clock update via internet worked, synced trophies after starting games missing them and they were back. wonder what the whole issue was?

  2. I have the older 40GB ps3 and i can now go and play my online games fine. I dont get the error i got before.


  3. I didn’t lose any trophies but lost a lot of save data as a result of the bug.

  4. Alasdair McDonald says

    yeah it is fixed now i can play my ps3 and get back to colleting trophies

  5. Alison White says

    if my PS3 still does not work after this bug problem was solved and the PS3 is out of warranty are Sony liable to fix it

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