Sony Playstation 3 HD Troubles

Sony Playstation 3
New information has come to light today when we found out that older HDTV’s are not currently compatible with the Sony Playstation 3. The PS3 is currently capable of running 1080p and 720p but not 1080i. What happens is that it scales down all the way to 480p which is not really HD. IGN came across this issue which was on 4 games they have tested (Resistance: Fall of Man, Need for Speed Carbon, NHL 2K7 and Tiger Woods 2007).

As we all know, the PS3 can have firmware updates downloaded to it which means a fix should be possible and it wont be anything too drastic to worry about.

Via: SlashGear


  1. my nhl 10 will freeze up after a few min of playing, The play will stop but,the game in the back ground will keep going.PLEASE HELP.

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