Sony Nav-U Series Split Screen

Over at CES, Sony are introducing a couple of new Sat Nav-U units. The new sat navs are model numbers NV-U73T and NV-U83T. What sets it ahead of a number of Sat Nav units is the split screen which allows for a dual view. A common problem when using GPS for navigation is trying to work out exactly which exit to take should there be a few right next to each other. With the split screen set up it zooms in one the right side of the screen to show precisely what turning to take. Also it allows for you to get more familiar with POI (Points of Interest) around the immediate area.

Another feature it has is how it can keep track of you when a weak signal is present. It does they by the way of a pressure sensor, gyro sensor and an accelerometer which can keep a good estimation of where you are travelling.

The 2 units mentioned above are to be made available early in spring this year and can be ordered over at SonyStyle costing $349.99 or $499.99.

Features of the Sony Nav-U83T

The U83T has a 4.8″ touch panel widescreen which also displays information such as live traffic updates. The units available in the US contain map data for the entire United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Also Bluetooth is available which allows you to hook it up to a mobile phone to use it as a hands free kit. Text to speach is available as well as a unique gesture command. What gesture command does is allows you to use on screen finger movements. An example would be using an inverted V to automatically navigate you home. This allows quicker access to the more common functions that you need.

Traffic updates come via radio reception which is constantly updated and when bad traffic is spotted, you are automatically routed around the problem.

Overall a very nice looking Sat Nav unit from Sony.

Via: UberGizmo

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