Sony Could Launch 24 Megapixel Translucent Mirror Camera Next Year

Sony could be getting a new camera ready for launch mid-2011. The new camera is rumoured to be the Sony Alpha A77 and new features would include a translucent mirror configuration.

The new camera will have a 24 megapixel crop frame sensor that will have little noise when compared to the 14 – 16 megapixel cameras. A Bionz processor is expected and from what has been described elsewhere, Sony is attempting to make an “almost perfect” camera.

The design would have two translucent mirrors along with the electronic piece and would merge both into a single image: 70 percent would come from the EVF, but the optical image would contribute 30 percent. Sony’s aims weren’t made clear but may be to provide both the fidelity of the optical portion at the center while using the electronic portion to reach 100 percent coverage.

This is all rumours at the moment, but potentially correct although we need a bit more evidence before confirming if this is true or not.

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