Sony Introduces Bigger/Better Rechargeable Secondary Batteries

sony_batteriesAlthough available for nearly 2 months, Sony have only just released details of some new secondary batteries that have a longer battery life and quicker charge cycles.

The batteries in the photo are basic in their covering and this is because they are not used as individual batteries and instead, are used in a group in items such as power tools.

They are lithium-ion batteries that use a better material to achieve a higher power density of 1800W/KG and because of this can have a 20W continuous discharge. 2000 charge/discharge cycles can be done and 99% of charge capacity can be reached in just 30 minutes.

Via: OhGizmo | Press Release


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    Here’s the batteries they could have released years ago, but chose to hold on to them as the big battery companies wouldn’t appreciate it too much.

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