Sony Introduces a 70 Inch Rear Projection Telly

Sony 70 Inch SXRD
Sony have introduced a 70 inch rear projection TV which is 40% slimmer then a version launched last year. I am impressed with how thin this is for being rear projection and it certainly is a nice competitor to the LCD screens that we see around. The reason it will do well against LCD screens is because it is priced at $6000 which is a lot less then an equivalent LCD screen.

It weighs 200 pounds, so it quite a beast in weight, but they have created this one to look good too. Sony calls it floating glass and as can be seen in the picture above it certainly does look nice.

The speakers are on the side of this device which makes them more hidden. Gizmodo mention 3 things that make this TV cool. The first is Motionflow 120Hz which converts your 60fps to 120 fps by interpolating frames in between each one. The next feature is a photo mode which cuts down the sharpness you see on these types of displays and softens them out to make them look better.

Overall its a nice looking screen and because of it being thin for rear projection it should do well considering the price different for an equivalent LCD of the same size.

Sony SXRD Thin

Via: Gizmodo

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