Sony High Capacity Storage Tape

Sony is releasing a new high capacity backup storage tape. It is named the LTO Ultrium 4 and can store 800Gb to 1.6Tb compressed with transfer rates up to 240Mbps. For those who regularly use tape backup solutions, you may be familier with LTO Ultrium 3 and 2. The main difference is that the transfer on the V3 of these tapes was 160Mbps (compressed) which has now risen. Also storage used to be 800Gb compressed and is now 1.6Gb compressed. Thats a lot of data!

As well as being a backup solution, the tape also features hardware encryption capabilities for securing data when needed. Backwards compatibility does work on version 3 but it can only read on your LTO Ultrium 2 cartridges and not write.

Via: Sony

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