Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 to Cost Less Than $300 Unlocked

Back in June this year, Sony Ericsson announced the Xperia X8. After a few months of waiting we finally are seeing some more details about it. Engadget also managed to get a hands-on with the smartphone to see what it’s all about.

First impressions reveal that the X8 is a little chunky, rather than slim. It has a 3 inch screen, a 600MHz CPU and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

The downside of the X8 is that it also runs Android 1.6 along with a very deep custom skin. An update to Android 2.1 is expected in the 4th quarter of this year although there was no mention of Android 2.2 or perhaps 3.0 which most people will be looking out for at that time.

Overall, Engadget described the X8 as being lackluster when compared to the current Android offerings that have been launched this month.

As for the price, it is expected to retail for less than $300 when it launches. We also hear that at that price you’ll get it unlocked too.


  1. hi i want to buy the sony ericsson phone pls snd me the price list

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