Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.1 Update Delayed

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners might be left a little disappointed today after the company has announced that the Android 2.1 update that was scheduled to arrive this month has actually been delayed until the end of next month.

The company has “had to spend some additional time on the software to really makes sure we roll-out with the right quality and user experience,”. This affects all X10 variants such as the Mini and others.

Right now the X10 is stuck using the older (very older) Android 1.6 until Sony Ericsson release the 2.1 update. Even at that point it still puts X10 users behind the pack as Android 2.2 is coming standard on a number of phones released at the moment.

Although Sony Ericsson will release the Android 2.1 update at the end of October, the update will be phased over a few weeks which leaves a number of users waiting even longer, perhaps in to middle or late November.

Features added to the X10 include…

* HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
* Upgrade of the Android platform to Android 2.1
* New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
* 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
* Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online

Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro:
* Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more
* New backup and restore application with extended content back up
* Automatic synchronization of your contact pictures between Facebook and your phone book
* Improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers in your messages

We’ll let you know if the dates change again and if there is any sign at all of Android 2.2 for X10 users. At this point we think Sony Ericsson will push the Android 2.1 update out and leave it at that.

Via: Android Community


  1. I am seriously thinking about starting a website for unhappy sony ericsson users. the whole reason that I got the xperia was that we were supposed to get an update to our phones, But now that we see sony ericsson is a company that does not stand behind what they say. I think that people should sound off, and let the company know what they think about what they are doing. This is the second sony ericson device that I have been dissatisfied with. And I think the reviewers that gave the X 10 a good review, well I think they are full of, well you know. This is the last ericsson device the I will ever buy. And if anyone asks, well you get the idea.

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