Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Launch Coming February 13

After many months of leaks and several hands on times with the Playstation Phone, Sony Ericsson has now made it official by announcing a launch event on February 13 which is this coming Sunday.

Engadget first leaked details of the Playstation phone back in August 2010 at which point Sony Ericsson said that this wasn’t happening.

Hardware then started showing up and finally, some real clear pictures and video of the device being used. Finally, Sony Ericsson has now announced the new release.

The launch event will be one of the first at MWC in Barcelona this coming week. The event starts at 6pm GMT and will officially unveil the PlayStation Phone, or Xperia Play as it’s officially called. At which point we should here details about a release date and hopefully pricing as well.

Sony announced the PSP 2 a couple of weeks back and this had a release date towards the end of the year. We expect that the PlayStation Phone by Sony Ericsson will launch within weeks, perhaps within a month or 2 at the most. Price wise, expect it to vary based on which country it is available in and what contracts it is provided on.

Via: Engadget

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