Sony Ericsson X12 Anzu Details Leak

More details of the Sony Ericsson X12 Anzu have been revealed. The new device is expected to launch early next year installed with the Android 2.2 operating system. The Android 2.2 install will then be followed with Android 2.3 after launch (update rumoured for Summer 2011).

When Sony Ericsson launched the X10, it came with a very old version of Android and took a long time to be updated. It isn’t clear if this impacted sales at all or not, but it still left a few people frustrated and wanting the latest version of Android. Lets hope this new version will soon be updated to 2.3 rather than waiting as long as X10 owners did for 2.1.

Things we know about the Anzu include details on the processor which show it runs an MSM7320 chip from Qualcomm. It doesn’t use the same Snapdragon that the X10 used.

Release dates are not known just yet, but we expect the Anzu to launch sooner rather than later.

Via: Mobile Review

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