Sony Ericsson X10 Coming Vodafone UK in April

Vodafone have finally listed the Sony Ericsson X10 on their site and have given it a release date of April. The X10 is not available for pre-order just yet, but does have a registration form allowing you to sign up to receive details of when you can pre-order it.

The Sony Ericsson X10 is SE’s first Android based smartphone to hit the market and has been seen around several times keeping people wondering when it will actually arrive. The X10 has a 4 inch touchscreen, an 8 megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi to name a few things.

As of yet it is unknown when in April the phone will arrive and how much it will cost for those in the UK. Prices should be revealed in the next few weeks with pre-orders also opening up I suspect, before April.

Full details of the X10 can be found over on the Vodafone site.

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