Sony Ericsson W810

The new Sony Ericsson W810 is another mobile in the Walkman range of phones which I think are very good. It is the son of the W800 which was another excellent phone. The W810 improves on some of the bad parts of the W800 which were not that many. It has a new joystick and the mobile internet is changed. The colour of the phone is changed from White to Black. It is the familier Orange colour which we are used to seeing in this range of W phones.

A 512Mb memory card is included which is changeable for an even larger one. A downside is the slow USB connection to a PC. The cable is included but it doesnt perform how we would all expect. However, who really cares about the USB connection speed 🙂 I have never used it yet. Always use Bluetooth or a card reader.


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