Sony Ericsson LiveView Mini Display for Android Announced

Sony Ericsson has announced the Sony LiveView. The LiveView has been designed for smartphones running the Android 2.x operating system.

The device its self has a 1.3 inch screen and connects to a smartphone via bluetooth and allows users to remote control their phone from a device that can be worn on your wrist.

To get it working, you require an application to be running on your smartphone. Once paired up, information can be sent to and from the LiveView.

Details revealed include information from Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds as well as text messages and phone calls. It isn’t fully clear why you need this device considering your phone will be in reach, such as in your pocket although we are sure that some will find use for it. Some of the features include…

• Micro display device that mirrors the phone
• Tunes on the go – control music
• Don’t miss out – get instant notification and read texts, Tweets and
Facebook™ updates
• Incoming calls – see who is calling
• Make it mine – open platform for developers to add to the large collection of
applications for a unique experience

Sony Ericsson will launch LiveView in Q4 this year.

Via: Gizmodo

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