Sony Creates a 360 Degree Display

Sony-3D-360Sony are set to introduce a unique prototype 360 degree display this week at the Digital Contents Expo held in Tokyo this week.

The 360 degree display unit will measure 10.6 inches in height and have a diameter of 5.1 inches. As of yet, Sony do not seem to know what they want to achieve with this odd display prototype although it could potentially be used for signs in shops or as a different photo frame for the home or perhaps (in my opinion) used to sit next to your computer to display information in a unique way.

The display can be viewed at any angle although on the downside, this current prototype model only supports an image with a 96 x 128 pixel resolution at 24-bit although that image can be stereoscopic and in colour to make a 3D effect without the use of special glasses.

Via: Giz

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