Sony Concept Camera Unveiled

Sony are working on a new ultra-compact camera that uses interchangeable lenses. The new DSLR is currently being developed and is scheduled for launch this year. The camera uses a newly developed Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor that supports HD video recording in the AVCHD format.

As well as introducing and showing an early design of the ultra-compact camera, Sony also had on show their latest DSLR called the a700 which at this moment in time, is also a concept/mock up. This camera falls in to the mid-range area of cameras from Sony and is aimed at so called “prosumers” and those who immerse themselves more in to photography.

Not many details of launch dates are known just yet as the cameras are still in early stages of development. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon on where Sony are heading with the ultra-compact camera pictured above.

Via: Crave and Sony

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