Sony Bravia NX800 range HDTVs Ready for Order

Sony have announced that the Sony Bravia NX800 series of HDTVs are now available to buy. The new TVs were first demonstrated a few weeks back and were seen to have very thin profiles and look very sleek.

Sony now have the new HDTVs ready for pre-ordered as well as some of them being available now to purchase.

The TVs themselves have a few unique features that include a six degree tilt system allowing for a comfortable viewing angle regardless of how low the TV is installed to the floor.

Each of the HDTV sets have an Edge LED backlight and run the Bravia Engine 3 video processor that allows for smooth video to be played back at 240Hz using Motion Flow technology.

The TVs are internet ready also and have built in Wi-Fi connections and a USB input. A light sensor is also built in to the TV and allows for energy to be saved by dimming the LEDs when in darker rooms.

Three models are available in the NX800 range which are as follows…

46³ BRAVIA KDL-46NX800 – $2299.99
52³ BRAVIA KDL-52NX800 – $2799.99
60³ BRAVIA KDL-60NX800 – $3499.99

The TV stand seen above in the image is only compatible with the 46 inch and 52 inch models in this range though. It’s a shame it wasn’t included in the packaging.

The NX800 series of HDTV are also 3D capable and will be compatible with a TMR-BR100 3D emitter that transmits to active shutter glasses.

Although the source claims the TMR-BR100 3D emitter is compatible, we cannot see this range of TV’s in the list of compatible devices.

Via: Sony Insider


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  2. is the nx800 3d ready?????
    i am confussed….what do i need to watch 3d movies i own a nx800. please help?!

    • I’ve looked in to this more and although a number of places claim it is 3D compatible with the emitter, the Sony site doesn’t list this specific screen as being compatible with the 3D emitter.

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