Sony Alpha 3D DSLR Camera

sony-3d-cameraThere is a big push at the moment on 3D TV’s with a number of manufacturers showing interest in the technology. Sony isn’t stopping at just 3D TV along with peripherals such as Blu-Ray players and PS3’s though. An image was spotted that shows a number of devices using the technology including Cybershot P&S cameras as well as Sony Alpha cameras.

It is unclear at the moment how Sony 3D Alpha DSLR cameras will function. I doubt we will see two separate lenses which is a common approach in point and shoot cameras using 3D, but perhaps a split lens will be used to capture images on to dual sensors to give a 3D effect.

Details of other 3D technologies by Sony can be found over at letsgodigital who have more details along with the Sony Online Service that will see cameras, TV’s and other compatible devices all connected up to an online service to share the pictures and access them from a central online location.

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