Sony 3D TV Launched

Sony has released several new 3D TV’s. The new TVs use shutter glasses to bring the 3D effect in to the living room. Sony has opted to use proprietary high frame rate screens which can provide full HD 3D images.

As with all things 3D at the moment, Sony isn’t letting the 3D TV’s go for cheap. On top of the high price tag you also need to purchase 3D glasses which cost $150 a pair and a 3D sync transmitter that costs $50. The $50 transmitter will be required on all but the high-end TV which has the feature built in.

The big screen of them all is the Sony Bravia XBR-LX900 series which comes with the mentioned transmitter along with two pairs of active shutter glasses. This particular series comes in two sizes starting with the 52 inch model costing $4000 and the 60 inch version costing $5000.

The models which do not have the built in transmitter include the XBR-HX909 which comes at 52 and 46 inches in size. These cost $4000 and $3500. The KDL-HX800 screens come in three sizes of 55, 46 and 40 inches selling for $3400, $2700 and $2100 although none of these particular screens come with glasses or a transmitter, so depending on how many people will be watching the screen, you might need to spend several hundred more to get 3D fully up and running.

As well as launching a bunch of 3D TV’s, Sony also announced an application that can run on your iPhone and soon, Android based device and take control of various media players that Sony is also launching soon.

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  1. Free 3D TV says

    These 3D TV’s are very good and I heard that they come bundled with 3D PS3 games! Just a shame they are so expensive.

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