Son of Concorde?

Son of Concorde
The Concorde was a marvellous plane which could take passengers from London to New York in just a few hours. However, due to a couple of problems it was taken out of service in the last few years. Not to worry though as a new version could be built and in service in 15 years time which should be able to take passengers from Brussels to Australia in about 4 hours. The new version will fly at Mach 5 (about 3400mph). It will carry 300 passengers and run on liquid hydrogen to lower carbon emissions. The real name of the plane will be the A2 and has funding from the European Space Agency and EU.

It’s designed to leave Brussels International Airport, fly quietly and sub-sonically out into the North Atlantic at about Mach 0.9 before reaching Mach 5 across the North Pole and heading down over the Pacific to Australia.

Son of Concorde Flight

Although it sounds like quite a crazy project, it is definitely the way forwards. Dropping Concorde out of service a few years back might not have been the best step forwards, but now that this is making it’s way we can forgive them for dropping it’s Dad.

For more details check out the DailyMail.

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