Solar Wheeled Bike – The E-V Sunny

This bike sports some shiny solar panels on the wheels which are responsible for powering this beauty. The solar panels can power a 500 watt motor as well as charge the batteries. It seems like you need to let the bike stand for a bit before using the power so that the batteries can get a good charge and get this thing running at 19MPH. One downside is that it weighs a hefty 75 pounds which cannot be good if you are working your way up a hill and need more sunlight to get you to the top.

Another problem I see if the wheels. No doubt a hefty side wind is going to whip you right off this thing if you are not careful. Just take care as it will cost you $1295 to buy a new one should you damage it. The alternative option is the conversion kit for $800.

Via: EcoGeek

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