Solar Powered Robot Lawn Mower

If you love automating tasks in your house such as cleaning the carpets with a Roomba robot vacuum then this solar powered robot lawn mower is definitely a must-have. This ‘sci-fi’ looking gadget can cut up to approximately 2300 square meters of grass automatically (you’ll also be able to program how much lawn there is to cut) and being able to programme a schedule into the mower will mean you won’t have to be around as it activates itself and works away whenever you like.

The robot mower uses a form of hybrid power to keep it’s batteries charged,  in that both electricity from the wall and solar energy from the sun will keep the batteries charged each day ready for it’s next run around the lawn. Each charge though will see the robot mower through about 40 minutes of grass cutting (so this won’t really be used for any of you who have a stadium for a yard). Then at the end of its run, the robot automatically docks back onto it’s charger ready for the next cycle. So with no emissions, virtually no noise and seeing as its powered by the sun, this little mower will put smiles on those who are more ‘green’ focused.

There are sensors placed around the robot mower that allow it to navigate round obstacles such as tables, chairs, paddling pools and the like as well as walls or fences and paths. But Unfortunately this particular solar powered robot lawn mower has a heavy price tag attached to it of around $4000, so if you have the cash and enjoy nice cut grass each day without the arduos task of having to do it yourself, then it could be money very well spent. Though no doubt the price will go down over the next few years too.

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