Solar Powered iPhone?

iphoneSolar power is a great source to get power to your devices. It might not be the quickest way to charge something, but solar energy is free once you pay for the initial parts. Apple have filed a patent which involves placing solar cells on to portable devices.

This would allow an extra source of power for your phone allowing you to charge and use it where ever there was sunlight present. The photovoltaic cells could be stacked under the LCD allowing for a large solar surface to suck up the suns rays. The patent also suggests the state of the solar cells could be displayed next to the power indicator on the screen to let you know how much juice is being created.

Although current solar cells would not power the beast of an iPhone real time (ie, it would take a good number of hours to charge it first), it more then likely would in the future when Apple can make the phone consume a lot less power to run and yet, provide the same services it offers now.

The day where devices just work with out charging will be great and probably isn’t that far around the corner.

Via: SlipperBrick

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