Solar Keychain

solar-keychainIt’s frustrating when you need to make a call on your mobile and you know that you just don’t have the battery power to last through the call… or you get cut off mid conversation. This little Solar Keychain could be a good option for you.

The Solar Keychain is a small device that measures approximately 3.6cm(W) x 1.3cm(H) x 7cm(D) and attaches to your keys. Should you find your self low on power with no way to charge your phone then you whip out this little device, attach the correct adapter and plug your phone in to it.

The Solar Keychain manages to pump enough juice in to your phone to make a 15 – 25 minute phone call. The Solar Keychain charges by either USB or sun light (5hrs or 10hrs charge time respectively) and once charged is ready for you to attach it to your phone. With it being solar it means that it will always be on charge while your keys are in the light, and you have the added benefit of causing no damage to the earth because it soaks up light that is already there.

A good number of adapters are also provided for this little gadget making it very tempting indeed!

Product Page – £14.99 from Firebox.


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