Social Artworks Launches

Social Artworks is a service available for Facebook users that lets you print a collage of profile pictures of all your friends. As each person on Facebook has a different variety of friends, no two pictures will ever be exactly the same making Social Artworks all unique.

There’s a number of options available when buying a collage from Social Artworks which includes a small poster that measures 16 x 10 inches, on to medium at 24 x 16 inches and then on to large which is printed on a sheet measuring 36 x 24 inches.

Other options for framed and canvas are also available. You also can choose which orientation you want the poster along with the size of margins and finally, the background colour.

For those in to social networks who want a reminder on their wall of all those friends that mean most to them, check it out now. Full ordering details can be found over here.

Via: Zath

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