SnowVolution – Never Ending Ski Slope


Ski forever indoors

SnowVolution is a concept which tackles the problem of indoor skiing and the slope basically ending too quick. It is a snow covered rotating planar disc which is up to 300 meters is diameter and set on an incline. 5 – 6 discs are combined which rotate independently of each other up to speeds of 15 meters per second. With the discs rotating you effectively have an endless slope to ski on and with the position of the discs and way they rotate, it can cater for many people skiing giving plenty of space for all.

If you do not like to Ski

If you are not a fan of skiing but want to get involved then SnowVolution are also wanting someone to create a computer game out of this idea.

It would be cool to see SnowVolution take off. Hopefully they can get enough backing to take this idea off the ground.

Via: SnowVolution

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