SNES for iPad Install Tutorial

If you own an iPad it is possible to play SNES games on the device. Lifehacker has created a four-step tutorial that shows you exactly how to get playing SNES games on your iPad along with the steps to pair up a Bluetooth Wii Remote to play the games with. If you don’t have a wiimote and prefer to use an iPhone or iPod touch as a controller then an alternative SNES emulator is available.

The first app looked at in the video is called SNES4iPhone which costs $5.99 and requires you jailbreak the iPad. Jailbreaking an iPad is quite simple thanks to apps like SpiritJB that allow a simple app to run on your Mac or Windows PC and push a button while the iPad is connected.

The full tutorial which can be found here, goes through each of the steps which show you how to jailbreak the iPad, install the SNES for iPhone software and sync up your Wii remote control. Once done, the video then shows you how to add games to your iPad so you can play them.

The second option is to install SNES HD that allows you to pair up your iPhone and iPod touch to use as a controller. The games play well and thanks to the larger screen of the iPad it makes a handy portable retro gaming system for you to easily carry around.

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