SNES HD for iPad uses iPhone as Controller

SNES (HD) is a Super Nintendo emulator based around the Snes9x emulator. It is also based on the snes4iPhone iPhone port, but has all been rewritten to fit on the iPad.

The system features the following…
* iPhone controller app for remote control
* Multiplayer up to four controllers can connect at once
* iPhone volume keys remapped to L/R buttons
* Fullscreen graphics both landscape orientations supported
* Save state preview snapshots
* iPad optimized interface with ‘virtual consoleĀ

The iPad app is free to download and contains no adverts. The developer made it as he had the ability to do so and wanted a SNES emulator on the iPad. However, you can donate if you like it which we encourage you to do as it looks fantastic.

To get it working you’ll need an iPad that has been jailbroken along with a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. You can get to the download through Cydia at the moment (details to be found here with details of how to add the correct repository).

To use the SNES (HD) emulator you’ll need some SNES ROM’s and when you have them you need to put them in a specific folder on the iPad using a transfer method such as iFile or AFP.

The video below shows the app running.

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