SNES Controller Gets Modded to Include Accelerometer and USB

Hack a Day have managed to mod a SNES controller to include USB support and accelerometer support. This was achieved by using a Teensy USB development board along with a 3D accelerometer which were both crammed inside the SNES controller.

The Teensy board is used to allow the controller to connect to a PC via USB, but can also read signals from the 3D accelerometer and pass them back to the computer. The buttons are translated to key presses on the keyboard and the movements translated to mouse movements allowing the controller to be used to navigate around games such as Portal.

Other uses of the modified SNES controller could include support for more games and the creator also says it could be used to brute-force passwords if movement is translated in to various keystroke inputs.

Check out the video over on Hackaday to see it being used on Portal and how movement of the SNES pad is translated in to movement on the game.

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