Smellophone – A Phone that you can Smell

Motorola have a patent which is named the Smellophone. If you are thinking a Smellophone means a phone that you smell then you are not far off the mark. The patent says its a communication device having a scent release feature and method thereof. Interesting, but I dont know if it would really take off. This phone doesnt seem to cater to smelling who is on the other side of the phone and their environment, but seems to indicate it is more aimed at those who want to take the smell of their home with them where ever they are to have that sense of being at home around you.

The Smellophone works by using the phones battery to heat up a replaceable scent pack to 54 degrees C and this is what releases the fragrance. I personally do not see the point of this as I like variety to life and dont want to keep smelling the same thing over and over. But, its still an idea that some might be interested in.

Via: YahooSmellophone

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