First ELSE Smartphone Cancelled

We first had the chance to see and test the First ELSE back at CES at the beginning of this year. When we had a look we thought it had a fantastic UI and was an excellent device.

The first ELSE is/was, a Linux based device that was due to launch this year. However, due to a few delays and other problems the smartphone is now being cancelled. Instead, the software running will attempt to be licensed by other companies to get the platform out there.

Due to critical delays in deliveries and the current status of the project, the board has now decided to cease any further investment towards manufacturing of the First ELSE mobile device and to concentrate efforts only on licensing the ELSE Intuition platform and technology in order to realize its potential upside.

Lets hope that the company can get the software licensed with someone as the user interface works very well. We’ll keep an eye on the company to see if anything crops up in the future.

Via: Engadget

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