SmartGlobe V2

SmartGlobe V2 is a great way to learn facts about our planet. It comes packaged with a SmartPen which allows the user to interact with the globe. Two years worth of downloads are included in the product which allow various age ranges to listen to facts about Earth. Age ranges are 5-8, 9-14 or 15 years and older.


* Features 30 exciting activities and quiz games about countries, capitals, major cities, populations, languages, history, current events and more
* Includes an interactive guide to flags from around the world and corresponding national anthems
* Download customized information for three age groups: 5-8, 9-14 or 15 years and older great fun for all ages
* Download up to 6 languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian and Portuguese
* Features 30 English and 6 Spanish activities
* SmartPen can be used wirelessly, plugged in using the audio cable (included) or using headphones (not included)
* 2 years of free downloads for current events and world facts
* Includes a pull-out United States map for more detailed activity, Oregon Scientific SmartUpdate content to update facts and news, and an AC adapter
* For 1 to 4 players

SmartGlobe V2 costs $130 and is available from Discovery Store.

Via: GeekAlerts

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