Smartbook Surfer Internet Tablet

The Surfer Tablet is heading to Germany soon from what we hear. It’s not a tablet we’ve heard of before although it sounds quite interesting.

The tablet runs Google Android 2.1, has a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and is powered by a 720MHz CPU along with 256MB of RAM.

Other features include 2GB of NAND Flash memory built in for storing data as well as the ability to complement that using a micro SD memory card. Details of the maximum sized card you can install have not been provided.

For connectivity it has Wireless 802.11b/g although there is no 3G support from what we can figure out.

Ports on the device include 2 x USB 2.0 as well as an HDMI interface allowing you to play content on your TV. The tablet is compatible with the AAC, EAAC, MP3, OOG, WAV as well as BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG file formats.

Price wise, it will cost the equivalent of $316 when it launches.

Via: Coated

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