Small Settings Tweak on Galaxy Nexus Could Fix Lag on Some Apps

RedmondPie is reporting that some users are seeing issues with some apps running a little slow on the Galaxy Nexus. Of course, the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t lack the power as it’s a relatively new device running the latest operating system from Google, Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0. Rather than being a hardware issue, it seems that some of the older apps just aren’t quite optimised for Ice Cream Sandwich. Luckily there’s a small work around which should help speed things up a little.

The fix is related to the developer options and a specific option in there called Force GPU Rendering. By enabling this option is forces 2D hardware acceleration in applications.

Although RedmondPie managed to find the fix worked for them, it is still early days to know if this will fix the problem for all those that are seeing issues. Either way, it’s a very simple setting change that can be done on any Galaxy Nexus by simply going to the developer options and then enabling it. You will need to close all apps out and reopen for it to take effect though.

Full instructions with screenshots can be found over here.

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