Slim PS3 Ditches Backwards Compatibility and Linux Support

Slim-PS3After months of rumours, Sony have now (well, yesterday) officially announced that there is a new slim PS3 being launched. The slim PlayStation 3 is about 2/3rds the size of the original and thanks to new components within, the unit uses just 1/3rd of the power that the original PS3 did. This results in a rather sleek looking games console and thanks to the power reduction, a quieter one too.

The power consumption has been cut down thanks to a 45nm Cell Processor that runs at the same speed as the old one. Also a new feature is built in called BRAVIA Sync which allows you to use the TV remote control to control the PS3.

On the downside of things Sony have decided to dump the backward compatibility with PS2 games. This may or may not be a problem for you depending on if you actually use your own games. The other downside is that the ability to run Linux on the machine has also been removed although it’s probable that some smart hacker will get around that when the console is released on 1st September.

The slim PS3 which has a new 120GB hard drive will be priced at $300 in the US. Amazon are now taking pre-orders for the new slim version, so head on over there if you want one.

Via: Wired

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